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Limited First Editions

For those of you that have been following my journey towards becoming an Author you may already know that I have switched publishing companies from Fulton to Pegasus.

I did this because Fulton did nothing to help me promote or sell my books once they were released. Which is why very few people even know my books exist.

When I signed my contracts with Fulton for my first 2 books (The Boy and Who AM I? | The Jane Brooks Story) they were for 2 years. Once the 2 years pass, which it already has for The Boy, I will not be renewing those contracts.

Without a contract, Fulton cannot print, thus sell, any more copies of my first two books. What that means is that the copies that are out there now are now limited first editions.

I will be rereleasing my first two books with my new publisher when the time is right. A new cover for The Boy is in the works as I write this post.

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