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My third novel, Last Breath is a suspenseful murder mystery, with some humor added in. It is about a woman that disappears from the staff parking lot of the restaurant she works at. Her case goes cold for 6 years, until the pieces start to fall into place, one at a time. 


RELEASED OCTOBER 2021!                      

Who Am I? | The Jane Brooks Story

The Jane Brooks Story, is the first novel in the Who Am I? series. 
The idea behind the Who am I? novels, is something very different. I am pretty sure no other Author has ever written a novel this way before. The novels are written in a way that lets the reader be the narrator. At the same time, they are also a character in the novel. The twist is that it is up to the reader to figure out which character they are. I do give several hints throughout the novel. If the reader misses them the first time, I will let them know which chapters SOME of the hints are in to help out. I really enjoyed writing The Jane Brooks Story, and I am sure you will enjoy reading it just as much.

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